Guitar Player #5

by Kelly Kathleen Ferguson

Arrives between the nerdtastic Berkeley grad
and the competent but dull rebound, before
you vow never to mistake crazy for genius again.

My #5 was live wires encased by skin,
his amp a mere prop. Pale blue eyes
backlit searchlights on the lookout.

He called in the black of night.
Sometimes, I answered.

I mean, Katy.
I mean, Kelly!
you know what I mean.

Listen to this.
…….Listen to this.
……………Listen to this.

He spoke in urgent whispers.
He’d just written a part to lay over another part,
a riff or a melody but more often a sound,
whale cries intoning in a loop.

Musical Contribution: “The One”.

In Their Own Words

The One belongs to my former Durham band, Poor Valentino, and appeared on our self-titled CD in 2001. I was the drummer. The song was written by frontwoman Catherine Chamis as an alternative to the Disney Princess method of mate selection. The recording process was long and grueling and took place at many locations over many months during many late hours.


Kelly Kathleen Ferguson is a Libra, Cancer rising, moon in Aquarius.  She is Irish/French/German, lapsed Roman Catholic, right-brained. When Kelly was four, she ate a moth ball and had to have her stomach pumped, or she would have died. This September, she has a nonfiction book coming out entitled My Life as Laura: Or How I Searched for Laura Ingalls Wilder and Found Myself from Press 53.

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